It’s all about profit for us

Curo gives you a far clearer insight into how your Google Ads campaigns are performing – what’s working great, what’s not working so well, and what you can do straight away to make big improvements. But perhaps more importantly, we’ll give you our honest expert opinion on where your account’s biggest growth opportunities lie. 

Are you looking for a new PPC agency?

Choosing the right one can be a maze, choosing the wrong can be very costly.


Here’s what you should be looking for

Firstly, they should 100% be credible and be able to demonstrate a strong track record of working successfully with a wide range of clients. As well as being partnered with the platforms you are choosing to advertise on.

They should hit the ground running, certainly with established accounts. Although results do take time they should be moving the needle in the right direction. No vague promises of something down the line.

And lastly, any PPC agency worth their salt should be results-driven and not hide behind outdated reports or overly long contracts. Or contracts at all. They should be bold about the claims they make to you, confident enough to stand behind them, and talented enough to deliver them.

That is what we have built our business on and 12 years down the line, countless successes later and a raft of clients to back all of this up, we’d say we are on to something here.

Why Curo?

We take a different approach to client relationships, we don’t hide behind the figures, we make ourselves available and we want you to work with us.

We take your business personally and treat your results like their ours

Our clients tell us the biggest difference between us and the other PPC agencies they have used in the past is the personal but collaborative approach we take with them. They tell us we ask questions others haven’t and look for solutions where others haven’t. We almost demand collaboration and we are not interested in being left to our own devices to drum up success from a room far away. If you cannot be bothered to play a part in your own businesses success, why should we?

We are not experts in your business but we know e-commerce and PPC. You are an expert in your business and require some guidance on e-commerce and PPC and together, well that seems like a great match.

This isn’t groundbreaking, we just feel it is common sense and often massively overlooked. No one knows your business like you do so why would we not harness that to create the best PPC strategy imaginable?

Feel free to ask any of our clients about any of this.


Let’s make this as easy as possible

We’re dedicated to what we do, and driven by the value it can add to our clients’ businesses.
We think you will find this a refreshing approach.

No contract and a guarantee from us

Curo was one of the first PPC agencies to work this way and have done since 2009.

While everyone else was tying their clients into 12 or even 24-month deals, we wanted ours to feel free to do what they see as best for their business, whenever they decide.  The way we see it, we can only secure genuine loyalty by continually proving our worth – not by forcing you into a long-term commitment.

But now, we are taking this one step further. If you decide to work with us and we don’t get you the results we say we can, you don’t pay our management fee until we do. It is that simple. This is what we would want from a results-driven agency.

What are you waiting for?

It all starts with a meeting, get in touch with us today and find out how much more profitable your Google Ads account could be!

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