121 shoes were new to PPC and Google Ads when they originally spoke to us but they had a need to sell more products online and this was something we could help with them with.

They had a wide variety of stock and the stock levels across these products differed so we started with a focus on two key brands for them that would not only demonstrate the level of sales we could achieve but would allow them to scale this without worrying about how they could get hold of more stock. Stock on some items was kept to small amounts as per their business model so it made PPC efforts challenging somewhat around those areas but as belief in the campaigns and the results started to grow, so did the number of sales and so did the numbers of items they ordered. They knew they could sell these quicker than they had in the past and could therefore order more.

We have worked with 121 Shoes now for around 2 years and half of that time has been through a pandemic that has seen challenging times for both of our businesses but what has remained throughout is our relentless commitment to profit-powered PPC. We have done everything we can at every opportunity to support 121 Shoes with their sales goals.

In numbers

We treat our clients' successes like they are our own, we truly live and breath this type of work.

  • 242%

    Return on ad spend

  • 58%

    Increase in conversions

  • 70%

    Increase in revenue

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