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Our Profit-Powered PPC Audit guarantees you at least £2,500 of tangible value or your money back.

This is currently priced at £250 but will be increasing in price very soon, don't miss out on this win-win audit.

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Mark Blacklee
Profit-Powered PPC Specialist

Happy Clients

"working with Curo has generated over £90K in revenue within the first 6 weeks of starting out with them"

- Kerry (Slimming Solutions)

"We managed to increase revenue while cutting £17K from our monthly PPC spend. We were blown away."

- Jason (JTM Plumbing)

"I was skeptical about such promises as I have heard this before but Curo really did deliver on all their promises"

- Scott (Glenwoods / Paint Monster)

Isn't it time to stop wasting PPC spend on average results?

As an online retailer, it is time to make sure every penny of Ad spend is working as hard as it possibly can be for you.

Over 14 years of experience helping online retailers sell more products, profitably and dominate their competition.

  • We have worked with some high street giants, Next, Edinburgh Woolen Mill, Wickes etc.
  • We have worked with well over 300+ online retailers since we started back in 2009.
  • We helped our clients generate over £25,000,000 of revenue last year.

Curo - Profit-Powered PPC Specialists


We've got A's for your Q's

Is there a minimum spend for the audit?

Yes is the short answer, it is £2,000 per month of Pay-Per-Click spend.

If you are spending less than this, get in touch with us as our Starter Plan could be perfect for you.  

Finding £2,500 worth of value from an account spending £1,000 will be a lot more speculation than we are comfortable with when making promises to clients.

How do I know it's for me?

The fact you have clicked on our page and are reading this means deep down you know you could be doing better, just get in touch to find out how much better.  

A second opinion never hurts. This is a real win-win for you. If we find 10x of value it has been worthwhile doing, if we only find 3-4x you have some value and it has cost you nothing. BUT, If we find nothing, your account is bullet-proof and you rest in the knowledge you are doing everything you can.

What can I expect?

A no-stone left unturned approach, we look to squeeze every little drop out of every aspect of your account rather than go looking for the mythical silver bullet that will apparently transform your account.

Our approach has and always will be to find 100 things we can improve by 1% rather than look for one thing we can improve 100%

How long does the profit-powered PPC audit take to produce?

No more than 7 business days. Time is impacted if we cannot get access as quickly as needed which is usually done within 24 hours of receiving a booking during work days. From there we need 3 business days to gather and collate all our findings for you and then subject to your availability to present this to you.  

Recent Profit-Powered PPC Audit Wins

"My current agency have gotten lazy so I was keen to explore new options, I only wish I had done this much sooner than I did!"

"The audit was very detailed and considerably more valuable than was promised, we just had to work with these guys after that"

"The only risk we saw was doing nothing. Which was vindicated after our audit highlighted 27% of our Ad spend was being wasted each month."

Let's 10X Your PPC performance.

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